Pandora Summer Matchplay – Results

Last night’s matchplay tournament could’ve been headlined as a battle between landlord & tenant. And it was the landlord that won. Congratulations to Spencer Z who won his 1st tournament that didn’t involve his own machines 😉 & also became the 11th different player to win a 2019 IFPA Manitoba Pinball tournament! He beat out Lance W in the final, meanwhile Drew S took 3rd winning the semifinal match against Kevin P who took 4th. Congrats to all!

Next up, we head to the beach for August league day for both the women & the open leagues Sunday August 25th at 1:30 & 4:30 PM.

Save the Date – NACS Day: January 18th, 2020

The IFPA has announced several dates for the upcoming PCS & state championships as well as the NACS. All provincial & state championships will be held on January 18th, 2020. Pinball players may represent any state or province they qualify for, but they cannot represent more than 1 region. The top 16 IFPA point-getters in Manitoba will compete for the provincial title & the right to hoist the “Toutant Cup” (my name for the cup that Marcel donated as the IFPA Manitoba championship trophy).

The NACS will be held on Thursday March 5th, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. All provincial & state winners will (on their own dime) have the opportunity to go to Denver & represent the region they won. If the winner of a province or state cannot go, the 2nd place finisher will have the opportunity to go. The women’s world championship will take place at the same time.

One thing I was unaware of due to my new-ness to competitive pinball was that after the NACS, there is another tournament taking place starting right the day after & continuing through the weekend called the Pin-Masters World Pin-Golf Championships. All reps in the NACS will have a spot reserved for them at the Pin-Masters if they wish to participate.

All of the events in Denver will happen at Game Exchange of Colorado.

League Standings – Updated

League standings have been updated for both the open & women’s leagues with the July super league nights.

In the open league, there was quite a lot of movement & changes. The lead has changed & we now have co-leaders – Garth B & Jay W. Rick E is very close – 4 points behind them. And in the race for the 16th & final league playoff spot, we also have a tie between Darren C & Samara M, with Brant B also 4 points behind.

In the women’s league, the top 3 continue to solidify their positions & widen their leads. Will anyone catch Jill H, Jody L, or Samara M? And in the 16th spot, Nicole R leads by 3 over Franca C.

Click the links above to view the complete standings.

The Forks Summer Sizzle – Results

Yet another first time 2019 open IFPA Manitoba tournament winner in 2019!
Congratulations to Marcel T for winning The Forks Summer Sizzle! Congrats to Drew on finishing in 2nd place, & congrats to Ian G on his 1st ever podium finish – 3rd place!

There were some VERY close games including a less than 1,000,000 point separation between 2nd & 3rd in the final 3 match on Deadpool, & less than 700,000 between 2nd & 3rd on an earlier match in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

In just 7 months, there have already been 10 different 2019 IFPA-sanctioned open pinball tournament winners in Manitoba! In all of 2018, there were also 10 different winners, or just 8 if you exclude launch parties.

Next up – a summer matchplay tournament at Joe’s Pandora Inn, then we hit the beach for some league pinball Sunday August 25 – 1:30 PM for the women & 4:30 PM for the open league. NOTE THE TIME CHANGES – they will happen earlier than originally scheduled.

1st Marcel T ($100), 2nd Drew S ($30), 3rd Ian G ($20)

Women’s Super League Night S0207 – Results

Tonight was the women’s league Super League Night at Phantom Amusement @ The Forks, in which 12 games were played instead of the usual 8 games. And it was Jill H who lead with 53 out of a possible 60 points, adding to her already big lead! Jody L scored 46 to further solidify her 2nd place ranking, & Tammy K took the 3rd most points with 41 points. Watch the Women’s Standings, points will be updated shortly.

Next up – Thursday is Super League Night for the full league at Phantom Amusement! Again, 12 games to be played & a chance to earn up to 60 points, & maybe move into playoff position, move up the standings, or solidify one’s lead.

Red River Cup – Result

The Red River Cup was played on Saturday July 20th at The Forks, & it was team MANITOBA winning 51-31!!!

Manitoba was represented by Trevor W, Jay W, Marcel T, Garth B, Lance W, Rick E, Jody L, & Ian G.

Thanks to team North Dakota for coming up to Winnipeg & playing. You guys put up some great competition throughout. It was a pleasure to meet you all & you were all good sports.

Huge thanks to Dave Morris for tabulating scores, determining lineups, making sure we all knew the rules for each round, etc. Many thanks to Dave & Mark for the food, the games, etc.

The 2020 Red River Cup will shift over to Fargo, ND. Details will be announced next year.