Twin Cities Tournament

Well folks, a few of us decided to take a trip and participate in a tournament in Minnesota at the Tilt Pinball Bar . It was a bit of a long haul as 6 of us loaded up to leave on Sunday at to head down for the event at registration time.

We were in Minneapolis by noon, so we stopped for some lunch and and a wander at the Mall of America. After our leg stretch and refill we headed over to the bar for 2.30pm.

Arriving at Tilt Pinball Bar was great. A huge line up of machines and all of them were priced at $0.25. That is right 25 cents per play! Now you cant go wrong as 6 bucks got me though warm up practice and the tournament itself, leaving me with a few quarters at the end of the night.

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There were 53 people playing in the event, and some were ranked in the top 400 of the IFPA standings. Alas we didn’t make it to the top 3, but we did give it our all and enjoyed every minute. People at the location were awesome, food and drink were awesome, and the tables played great.

When we wrapped up at 9.30pm we loaded up for the drive back to Winnipeg. We made a few stops on the way back but got in at Monday. Was a long day, but well worth it.

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