Manitoba Pinball League – How does it work?

1 year ago today, a prospective pinball player used our contact submission form to inquire about joining the Manitoba Pinball League. That person is now a regular player in our league nights & tournaments. If you are asking the same question, here’s the simple answer…

You don’t have to “join” or commit to anything 1st. Just come on out to any of our league nights or open tournaments & register. The registration cost is usually $2 plus “coin drop” (whatever it costs to play each game) for league nights, & usually $2 – $12 for tournaments plus coin drop. Cost is the same whether it’s your 1st time playing with us or your 100th time.

Anyone can join – all ages are welcome! Bring your kids if they want to play.

For registering, you get to socialize with & compete against Manitoba’s best pinball players for 8 games during league nights. In tournaments, you have a chance to win cash & even pinball-related prizes on occasion. And you will get a profile on the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) website, where you can track your progress & tournament results against the best pinball players from around the world! If you are traveling abroad & decide to play in an IFPA-affiliated tournament, you simply have to give your IFPA player number to the tournament organizer & they will register your profile for that tournament. Our players have played tournaments in places around the world including Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Auckland New Zealand, & Melbourne Australia.

Once you have an IFPA profile, it is strongly recommended that you get it registered immediately. This will allow you to upload a picture, add a few personal details if you wish, compete in the annual Provincial Championship Series, & maybe even win prizes from the IFPA. To do so, go here & fill out the form:

To find your own player profile or if you don’t know your IFPA player number, search here:

Any questions, ask anyone at any of our events or submit a question using our contact submission form.

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