Farewell Summer 3 Strike Knockout – Results

History was made on Saturday night. Congratulations to Jill H who became the first woman to win a MB IFPA open strike tournament! Jill also becomes the 13th different IFPA MB pinball tournament winner in 2019! She defeated Ian G – both of whom crushed the competition by being the last 2 standing with only 1 strike each.

In the 3rd place match, Grant Z defeated Jay W to earn his 1st podium finish since November 29, 2018.

Congrats to all!

Final open league night takes place Thursday October 3rd at 7pm. Last chance to improve your league standing for 2019!

Jay W (4th), Grant Z (3rd), Jill H (1st), Ian G (2nd)

Jurassic Park Launch Party – Results

Congratulations to Ian G who won the Jurassic Park launch party!!! It is Ian’s 1st tournament win! Ian becomes the 12th different player to win an IFPA MB pinball tournament.

The launch party was played by 11 different players. In the qualifying round, Jay & Drew jumped out with very early huge scores that nobody could catch, including a new grand champion score for JMW. David Morris & Ian rounded out the top 4 playoff qualifiers. Then in a complete reversal, Ian beat Jay 2-1 & David beat Drew 2-1 in the semis. Ian won his 1st game against Jay by half a million! And Ian didn’t stop – racking up consistently big scores, often in the hundreds of millions, & beating David 2-0 in the final. In the 3rd place match, Drew beat Jay 2-0.

Next up – league night on Thursday at 7pm @ Phantom Amusement. It is the 2nd last open league night of the 2019 season. Expect some big movement as some players replace their lowest scores & any missed league nights from earlier in the season. See you there!

League standings – updated

In the open league, the top 2 that were tied going into August league day were the best 2 that night. But who was better? By just a single point, Garth B takes sole possession of 1st place over Jay W! Rick E is close behind in 3rd. In the middle, we have a logjam. The 8 players ranked 7-14 are separated by just 10 points! And in the race for the final playoff spot, Brant B is in 16th leading David Morris by a single point.

On the women’s side, Jill H continues to lead the way over Jody & Samara.

Next league nights will be Thursday September 19 for the open league at Phantom Amusement, & Monday September 23 for the women at Half Pints. Expect some BIG movement, as this will be the 1st chance for players to replace their lowest scores (or zero scores).

Click the applicable League Standings link above for full standings.

August Knockout At The Forks – Results

This was a night of storylines. Congratulations to Drew S who needed & got 3 wins in a row to take the top spot in tonight’s tournament! Drew becomes only the 2nd player to win multiple IFPA Manitoba 2019 tournaments to date, & may be the 1st to come back with 3 must-wins in a row in the final 2 of a Manitoba Pinball strike tournament.

Lance W took 2nd place after starting the tournament with 9 wins in a row.

And in a repeat of a tournament that took place exactly 1 year ago less a day, Jay W & Samara M again faced off for 3rd place, with Jay winning. Jay was nearly eliminated out of the top 10 in round 6 but after scoring just 4 million on GOTG in the 1st 2 balls, he then got 100 million on ball 3 to stay alive. Samara took 2 early strikes in the 1st 3 rounds & then rattled off 5 wins in a row to make the final 4.

Next up – Jurassic Park Launch Party on Saturday September 14th @ 4pm.

Samara M, Jay W, Lance W, Drew S
Front row L to R: Lance W (2nd), Drew S (1st), Jay W (3rd), Garth B (T-5th).
Back row L to R: Samara M (4th), Michael C (T-5th), Jody L (T-5th), Dan F (T-5th).

Pandora Summer Matchplay – Results

Last night’s matchplay tournament could’ve been headlined as a battle between landlord & tenant. And it was the landlord that won. Congratulations to Spencer Z who won his 1st tournament that didn’t involve his own machines 😉 & also became the 11th different player to win a 2019 IFPA Manitoba Pinball tournament! He beat out Lance W in the final, meanwhile Drew S took 3rd winning the semifinal match against Kevin P who took 4th. Congrats to all!

Next up, we head to the beach for August league day for both the women & the open leagues Sunday August 25th at 1:30 & 4:30 PM.

Save the Date – NACS Day: January 18th, 2020

The IFPA has announced several dates for the upcoming PCS & state championships as well as the NACS. All provincial & state championships will be held on January 18th, 2020. Pinball players may represent any state or province they qualify for, but they cannot represent more than 1 region. The top 16 IFPA point-getters in Manitoba will compete for the provincial title & the right to hoist the “Toutant Cup” (my name for the cup that Marcel donated as the IFPA Manitoba championship trophy).

The NACS will be held on Thursday March 5th, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. All provincial & state winners will (on their own dime) have the opportunity to go to Denver & represent the region they won. If the winner of a province or state cannot go, the 2nd place finisher will have the opportunity to go. The women’s world championship will take place at the same time.

One thing I was unaware of due to my new-ness to competitive pinball was that after the NACS, there is another tournament taking place starting right the day after & continuing through the weekend called the Pin-Masters World Pin-Golf Championships. All reps in the NACS will have a spot reserved for them at the Pin-Masters if they wish to participate.

All of the events in Denver will happen at Game Exchange of Colorado.