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Just a fan of Pinball. Here to help out the cause and get Manitobans out there to enjoy PINBALL

League Game Standings

Well folks we had our last league game of the year, and have the lineup for the who made the playoffs for December 16th.

  1. Garth Babisky
  2. David Morris
  3. Trevor Whatman
  4. Lance Wormsbecker
  5. Jason Krutish
  6. Darren Cancilla
  7. Colby Hansen
  8. Marcel Toutant
  9. Henry Leung
  10. David Miller
  11. Spencer Zurek
  12. Angela Krutish
  13. Franca Cancilla
  14. Jon Feschuk
  15. Grant Zeilstra
  16. Kevin Peden

If for any reason any of the top 16 in the league are unable to attend the playoffs, we will take the next in line to fill the spot to get 16 players.

We still have a few more tournaments coming up this month, so check out the Events Calendar to see the dates and times.

Also thanks to everyone who has made time to come out and play in the league. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for when the League games start up again in the new year. Till then we hope to see you at the next event.

Manitoba Pinball T-Shirts

Well look who is sporting the new Manitoba Pinball T-Shirt.

That right Dave. They have finally come in and you can pickup your order Thursday Nov, 09 at league night @HalfPintsbrewco .

A huge thank you to Trevor Whatman as well for all the hard work he did to help make these t-shirts happen. So remember to show off your colours when you are out and about.

League Game Season 01 Session 09 October 29

Well folks, our league game night at Skullspace went off very well. We had 23 people in attendance with 5 pins going.

A Special thank you to:

  • Spencer for bringing Space Odyssey
  • Lance for bringing Lethal Weapon 3
  • Craig for bringing Hulk and Buck Rogers
  • Wayne for bringing White Water

The new standing are posted for the league. The technical issue of the hyperlinks has been resolved. Also to confirm you have the latest update on the page, please refresh it as you may still be looking at the old standing.

See you at the next event on November 9th at Half Pints Brewery for our next league night. 6.pm start time, don’t be late.

League Night S01S08 Sept.14.2017

We have a new leader on the board in our league ranks after our League Night at Boardwalk Station Arcade.

Trevor Whatman has jumped up to first place just 1 point ahead of Garth Babisky, and we have Dave Morris just a couple points behind him.

A big thanks to everyone who made it out to Winnipeg Beach, it was a great time and as always.

League Night S01S07 Aug.31.2017

Looks like we had a nice turn out of 21 people this Thursday at Half Pints Brewery.

Seems we also had a special pin added by Phantom Amusement, Star Wars was onsite for our league night.

Dave Thubs up Starwars pin Manitoba Pinball League As you can see Dave is giving it a THUMBS UP!

Here are a couple more shots of the some of the people playing as well.

League Night Manitoba Pinball League

League Night  . Manitoba Pinball League

All and all it was a great night.

Thanks again to everyone who attended League Night, Half pints for having us, and Mark of Phantom Amusement for letting us play a great new pin.

Boardwalk Station Arcade Knockout Spectacular

Hey Folks,

Just want to remind you guys of the upcoming tournament at Winnipeg Beach this Saturday July 15th. All the details are on the Events Calendar.

We also have the link for the event. As it goes live you can see who is playing who on what machine and how many strikes they have. This is also handy for the participants at the venue so they can also see where they stand.

We are using Matchplay, and its been doing a great job for us keeping our tournaments flowing smoothly.

//matchplay.live/boardwalk   <- if you would rather type it in yourself

We have a SPONSOR!!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Paulo from myflowerstogo.com





He would like to offer a 15% discount if you order online and use the code “MPL“. Also upcoming events we should have a few giftcards as well for the winners. We just have to work out a few details.

Thanks again Paulo for supporting us!


Half Pints Pinball Knockout Tournament June 20 2017

Our Knockout tournament last night was fantastic. We would like to thank Half Pints Brewery for allowing us to use their venue to host the event. We had a great turnout with 20 people in the tournament.

The standing were as follows:

1 Jason Krutish
2 Trevor Whatman
3 Joseph Furgal
4 Lance Wormsbecker
Kevin Peden
6 David Miller CAN
Marcel Toutant
8 Wilson Yore
Colby Hansen
Garth Babisky
Spencer Zurek
12 Edwin Amsler
Angela Krutish
Henry Leung
15 Liza Paluck
Derek Willis
Thor Robinison
Will Reimer
Rick Sanchez
Craig Morris

You can also follow this link to Matchplay Events to see more detail about how each player did within the tournament.

You should be able to see your standing on the IFPA in about a week. You can also see where you stand in on the Canadian PCS Manitoba as well.

Season One Session Five League Night – June 15 2017

MPL League Night

Everyone is focused

Our League Night out at Winnipeg Beach at Boardwalk Boardwalk Street Station was a great time. Looks like everyone who came out would be happy to return for another round.

MPL At Winnipeg Beach

Joe thinking about how best to score on Twister




We had 22 people attend and we had 12 pins that we could switch around on. All the pins were in great shape and a joy to play.

League Night WPG Beach

League Night at Winnipeg Beach June 15 2017

After we were done, and sometimes while waiting for our turn, we also played some of the great arcade games that were there. Definitely would recommend making the trip out with the family or just to yourself to enjoy a great experience.

MPL Race

A friendly 4 player race.

Skullspace Weekday Matchplay Madness June 07 2017

Here are the results from Skullspace Weekday Matchplay Madness June 07 2017

1. Don Sinclair
2. Grant Zeilstra
3. Dave Morris
4. David Miller
5. Edwin Amsler
6. Jon Feschuk
7. Trevor Whatman
8. Darren Cancilla
9. Franca Cancilla
10. Wilson Yore
11. Colby Hansen
11. Spencer Zurek
13. Jason Krutish
14. Lance Wormsberker
15. Craig Morris
15. Ryan Tuominen
17. Marcel Toutant
17. Henry Leung
19. Wayne Kork
20. Thor Robinson

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend, and thanks to Skullspace for hosting the event.

As there was an entry fee for this event, Manitoba Pinball League donated $100.00, 50% of all the entry fees for the matchplay tournament to Skullspace. Dave Morris also donated 25% of the money collected in Ironman and Funhouse ( his personal tables ) while they were on location.