Forth Friday Night Knockout

Forth Friday Night Knockout was a great success at Forth .

We had 26 players in attendance and 16 of the 18 tables were in play for the night.

Here are a few people that came early to get in some practice games prior to the event starting.




Our winners of the night were (left to right)

Grant in 2nd, Trevor in 1st and Dan in 3rd place. Grant really made Trevor work for first place, as he played against him from round 10 to the 15th round.

You can see how everyone placed at the tournament at Matchplay.Events

Some  games in play that night were

We have a league night coming up on Thursday Mar 22 2018 at Forth starting at 7pm. Remember to bring 2 dollars for admin fees and about 10 to 12 bucks in loonies and quarters for the coin drop on the machines. Everyone is welcome.


Thanks to David Morris of Manitoba Pinball and Mark Jaslowski of Phantom Amusement for providing the pins, and Forth for hosting this popup arcade in their space.

Phantom Amusement comes up BIG!

Get your cell phones ready. Dialed In is coming to Forth at 171 McDermot Ave. for a LAUNCH PARTY and tournament on Saturday March 17th. We will be taking the game out of the box at 11am. The tournament will start at 1pm and go until 11pm! It will be a top score based tournament. No fee to enter just pay per play. The more you play the better your chances of winning a prize. We will have a Dialed In poster as well as some Jersey Jack Pinball T-Shirts and even some Manitoba Pinball League T-Shirts to give away! The top 5 scores get a prize at 11pm. You don’t have to be there the whole time to claim your prize either. We will contact you if you are not present at the end of the Launch Night. The other games will of course be on as well to keep you occupied between turns on Dialed In as well Forth has a great food and drink menu for one and all. Come on out and lets make this a day to remember for pinball in Manitoba!


Lightning Arcade Weeknight Knockout!

We had a great turnout last night at Lighting Arcade. There were 22 people in the tournament and Dave had 13 of his machines in play.

The top 3 winners of the night were:

1st – Garth Babisky

2nd – Dan Feriolo

3rd – Trevor Whatman

A full listing of the players and placing are on Matchplay.Events

A big thank you to Dave for allowing us to play on his personal machines at his home! And here is a message from Dave on how the night went.

Well we had a great time at Lightning Arcade on Thursday night. It took a little longer then normal on a weeknight then I thought it would but we finished up between 11pm – 12am. After the battle was done Garth Babisky came in 1st, and Dan Feriolo came in 2nd (And  this was only his 3rd tournament played and first since July last year at the beach) and Trevor Whatman finished 3rd! He has consistently been in the top 3 for the past number of tournaments. I know his eyes are set on 1st but I know it will come soon. We had 4 games go down (one came back Split Second and was used as the second last game in the tournament) and a couple games have things break but still playable and I learned that a couple of my games Star Trek and Medieval Madness the flippers get weak after extended use. So this is going to be addressed by not only rebuilding the flippers but doing a complete rebuild including BRAND NEW flipper coils as well. Space Shuttle was a hit (I don’t know how many times I had to go back to it and add more credits). We will try again in May at Lightning Arcade and the games will be working better than ever I promise!

Provincial Championship Series Winner (PCS)

Who was crowned Manitoba’s first CHAMPION?

Our man Jeff Jonuk placed 1st.

David Morris came in 2nd, and Tervor Whatman, poking out in the back of the shot placed 3rd.

We would have had David popping out in the shot as well, but he is the one taking the photo. If you look close you can see him in the reflection on the trophy.

Thanks to Jason and Angela for allowing us to host the event on their wonderful collection of machines.

Boardwalk Station Arcade Knockout Spectacular

Hey Folks,

Just want to remind you guys of the upcoming tournament at Winnipeg Beach this Saturday July 15th. All the details are on the Events Calendar.

We also have the link for the event. As it goes live you can see who is playing who on what machine and how many strikes they have. This is also handy for the participants at the venue so they can also see where they stand.

We are using Matchplay, and its been doing a great job for us keeping our tournaments flowing smoothly.

//   <- if you would rather type it in yourself

Half Pints Pinball Knockout Tournament June 20 2017

Our Knockout tournament last night was fantastic. We would like to thank Half Pints Brewery for allowing us to use their venue to host the event. We had a great turnout with 20 people in the tournament.

The standing were as follows:

1 Jason Krutish
2 Trevor Whatman
3 Joseph Furgal
4 Lance Wormsbecker
Kevin Peden
6 David Miller CAN
Marcel Toutant
8 Wilson Yore
Colby Hansen
Garth Babisky
Spencer Zurek
12 Edwin Amsler
Angela Krutish
Henry Leung
15 Liza Paluck
Derek Willis
Thor Robinison
Will Reimer
Rick Sanchez
Craig Morris

You can also follow this link to Matchplay Events to see more detail about how each player did within the tournament.

You should be able to see your standing on the IFPA in about a week. You can also see where you stand in on the Canadian PCS Manitoba as well.

Skullspace Weekday Matchplay Madness June 07 2017

Here are the results from Skullspace Weekday Matchplay Madness June 07 2017

1. Don Sinclair
2. Grant Zeilstra
3. Dave Morris
4. David Miller
5. Edwin Amsler
6. Jon Feschuk
7. Trevor Whatman
8. Darren Cancilla
9. Franca Cancilla
10. Wilson Yore
11. Colby Hansen
11. Spencer Zurek
13. Jason Krutish
14. Lance Wormsberker
15. Craig Morris
15. Ryan Tuominen
17. Marcel Toutant
17. Henry Leung
19. Wayne Kork
20. Thor Robinson

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend, and thanks to Skullspace for hosting the event.

As there was an entry fee for this event, Manitoba Pinball League donated $100.00, 50% of all the entry fees for the matchplay tournament to Skullspace. Dave Morris also donated 25% of the money collected in Ironman and Funhouse ( his personal tables ) while they were on location.

Skullspace Pinball Knockout Tournament June 03 2017

Here are the results from the Skullspace Pinball Knockout Tournament June 03 2017

1 David Morris
2 Derek Willis
3 Jon Feschuk
4 Rick Exner
6 Grant Zeilstra
6 Craig Morris
6 Eric Swanson
6 Lance Wormsbecker
9 Trevor Whatman
9 Joseph Furgal
12 Edwin Amsler
12 Colby Hansen
12 Angela Krutish
12 Jason Krutish
15 Marcel Toutant
15 Henry Leung
18 Wilson Yore
18 Wade Krawchuk
18 Spencer Zurek
18 Garth Babisky
21 Liza Paluck

21 Players
10 Arenas


Aerosmith DMD
Baywatch DMD
Buck Rogers SS
Funhouse SS
Ironman Pro DMD
Star TripS S
Terminator 2 DMD
The Hulk SS
Time Machine SS
White Water DMD
SS= Solid State DMD= Dot Matix Display

Would like to thank all the players who attended, and Skullspace for having us.

Here is a link to the the IFPA official site so you can see your ranking in the world and also in Manitoba

The Good Will Open Pinball Tournament #2

30 Players
29 Matches
8 Arenas

1 Trevor Whatman
2 David Morris
3 Colby Hansen
4 Wayne Kork
6 Garth Babisky
6 Derek Willis
6 Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon
6 Spencer Zurek
12 Justin Lake
12 Kevin Peden
12 Lance Wormsbecker
12 Angela Krutish
12 Jason Krutish
12 Jon Feschuk
12 Grant Zeilstra
12 Ian McCallister
23 Dan Feriolo
23 Cali Ramsey
23 David Miller
23 Jeff Jonuk
23 Daryl Gibbons
23 Rob Parker
23 Michelle Anhalt
23 Mitch Iwasiuk
23 Jessie Fillmore
23 Henry Leung
23 Alex Parrott
23 Franca Cancilla
23 Riley McDonald
23 Darren Cancilla

Doctor Who
Jurassic Park
Star Trek The Next Generation
Tales From The Crypt
Terminator 2
Twilight Zone

Most Wins (Over All)
Trevor Whatman (5)

Trevor, First Place at The Good Will Social Tournament May.27.2017


Thank you to everyone who attended from Winnipeg and surrounding areas like Dauphin,Brandon and even one person came from Montreal! Everyone had a blast and Congratulations to Trevor on his first tournament win! And to Irv at Allied Coin Machines for bringing the games in and to The Good Will Social Club for hosting. Can’t wait to do it again! #thatgoodwill #pinball