League Standings

Top 16 players in the League Standings qualify for League playoffs in December.


Here is the updated League Night standing from our October 11th Event held at Lighting Arcade! This was the last main league night game, and you can see the top 16 now. Dave should be posting when the actual date will be so to the following people….

Mr. Miller, Franca, Jon, and Mike Rychman, be prepared as you might get moved up into the playoffs if there are people in the top 16 that cannot attend. It happened last year, so you never know.

We won’t mention any names Franca, but putting hexes on players to not attend is frowned upon 😉.


October 11 2018    
League StandingLeague Games AttendedLast ScoreNew Score
2Derek Willis10225255
3Marcel Toutant10223246
4Kevin Peden9216244
5Grant Zeilstra9206234
6Garth Babisky8199217
7Tony Warzel8181215
8Spencer Zurek10197213
9Ryan Relleve8192213
10Michael Crowley9187206
11David Morris8205205
12Ed Zurek10179203
13Darren Cancilla8182196
14Wade Krawchuk8174195
15Jason Krutish6160194
16Dan Feriolo8136157
David Miller8141155
Franca Cancilla8125149
Jon Feschuk5117134
Mike Ryckman5125125
Rose Whatman6102124
Graham Prince6117117
Henry Leung695117
Angela Krutish4105105
Joe Furgal58296
Thor Robinson58787
Nicole Couch47575
Steve Couch47575
Samara May36969
David Wright34461
Jay Woolston34159
Mitch Holt35353
Liza Paluck35353
David Szczepaniak24444
Craig Morris23838
Jeff Jonuk1036
Jody Linn23333
Tammy Klos13030
Rory Krocker12828
Sheldon Peters12727
Daryl Gibbons12626
Nicole Reimer12424
Ed Benjamin12424
Matt McMahon12222
Kert Gartner1022
Sheri Bailey12020
Jeremy Paluck11919
James Daniels11919
Don Porter11818
Rick Exner11818
Scott Benning1017
Carlos Andrade11616
Herman Popper11616
Eric Swanson11616
Taylor Woolston11616
Jocelyn Cross11414
Alanna Yuen11414
Tristan Pakingan11212
Richard Fischer11010
Lance Wormsbecker000
Colby Hansen000
Coltin Hansen000
Wayne Prasek000
Wayne Kork000
Edwin Amsler000
Kristin Prasek000
Joe Arnouse000
Lang Wong000
Mitch Iwasiuk000
Ximena Klaprat000
Jordan Klaprat000
Arnel Tongol000
Cody Iwasiuk000
Roger Pilbeam000
Graham Dyer000
Ian McCallister000
Tristan Henry000
John Reyes000
Wilson Yore000
Ryan Goletski000
Andy Parker000
Rene Bohemier000
Nick Pilbeam000
Rob Parker000
Wes Krahn000
Dennis Blanchette000


**If there are errors with misspelling on names or you think your totals might be incorrect please let us know.

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  1. I cannot find either my name or my husbands name on this list. We both have gone to one regular event. My name is Lydia Froese & my husband’s name is Howard Froese.

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