The Good Will Open Pinball Tournament #2

30 Players
29 Matches
8 Arenas

1 Trevor Whatman
2 David Morris
3 Colby Hansen
4 Wayne Kork
6 Garth Babisky
6 Derek Willis
6 Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon
6 Spencer Zurek
12 Justin Lake
12 Kevin Peden
12 Lance Wormsbecker
12 Angela Krutish
12 Jason Krutish
12 Jon Feschuk
12 Grant Zeilstra
12 Ian McCallister
23 Dan Feriolo
23 Cali Ramsey
23 David Miller
23 Jeff Jonuk
23 Daryl Gibbons
23 Rob Parker
23 Michelle Anhalt
23 Mitch Iwasiuk
23 Jessie Fillmore
23 Henry Leung
23 Alex Parrott
23 Franca Cancilla
23 Riley McDonald
23 Darren Cancilla

Doctor Who
Jurassic Park
Star Trek The Next Generation
Tales From The Crypt
Terminator 2
Twilight Zone

Most Wins (Over All)
Trevor Whatman (5)

Trevor, First Place at The Good Will Social Tournament May.27.2017


Thank you to everyone who attended from Winnipeg and surrounding areas like Dauphin,Brandon and even one person came from Montreal! Everyone had a blast and Congratulations to Trevor on his first tournament win! And to Irv at Allied Coin Machines for bringing the games in and to The Good Will Social Club for hosting. Can’t wait to do it again! #thatgoodwill #pinball

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Twin Cities Tournament

Well folks, a few of us decided to take a trip and participate in a tournament in Minnesota at the Tilt Pinball Bar . It was a bit of a long haul as 6 of us loaded up to leave on Sunday at to head down for the event at registration time.

We were in Minneapolis by noon, so we stopped for some lunch and and a wander at the Mall of America. After our leg stretch and refill we headed over to the bar for 2.30pm.

Arriving at Tilt Pinball Bar was great. A huge line up of machines and all of them were priced at $0.25. That is right 25 cents per play! Now you cant go wrong as 6 bucks got me though warm up practice and the tournament itself, leaving me with a few quarters at the end of the night.

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There were 53 people playing in the event, and some were ranked in the top 400 of the IFPA standings. Alas we didn’t make it to the top 3, but we did give it our all and enjoyed every minute. People at the location were awesome, food and drink were awesome, and the tables played great.

When we wrapped up at 9.30pm we loaded up for the drive back to Winnipeg. We made a few stops on the way back but got in at Monday. Was a long day, but well worth it.

League Night at Skullspace

We would like to thank everyone who came out last night to play some pinball.

We had 24 people total on site and 10 games. Unfortunately one game went down early in the evening leaving us with 9 to work with, but it was definitely enough.

The new league standing have been posted and there has been some movement in the top 16 rankings. Remember in December the top 16 qualify to be in the playoffs for the league champion.

Again a big thank you to Skullspace for having us on location. The tables will remain onsite for a little while, so please make sure you contact the guys at Skullspace to see when they might be there and if you may be able to drop in with some change and play a few games.

Lightning Arcade Grand Reopening ( Dave’s private collection)

Lightning Arcade Grand Reopening
Double Elimination Bracket
Bracket Placement: Seeded
Arena Draws: Balanced

21 Players
40 Matches

1 Derek Willis
2 Mark Jaslowski
3 Jeff Jonuk
4 Spencer Zurek
5 Garth Babisky
5 Marcel Toutant
7 Daryl Gibbons
7 Edwin Amsler
9 Franca Cancilla
9 Grant Zeilstra
9 Joe Furgal
9 Jeff Christie
13 David Miller
13 Thor Robinson
13 Kevin Peden
13 Jason Krutish
17 Jon Feschuk
17 Alex Parrott
17 Henry Leung
17 Craig Morris
17 Darren Cancilla

Most Wins (Over All)
Derek Willis (6)

Most Wins (Elimination Bracket)
Garth Babisky (4)
Marcel Toutant (4)

Mark (2nd place) and  Derek (1st place)

IFPA points and Manitoba PCS (Provincial Championship Series)

Hello and good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I chatted with the Canadian representative from the IFPA and he clarified some questions I had for us in Manitoba about collecting IFPA points. I asked the question if one or more of us were to travel to Minnesota or Saskatchewan or Alberta or wherever and participate in a IFPA tournament would those points go towards your Manitoba PCS (Provincial Championship Series) top 16 WPPR total. That answer was no and that makes sense. So only IFPA points collected in Manitoba will go towards the top 16 PCS the Saturday following Super Bowl next year in 2018. However any IFPA points collected out of province will indeed improve your overall ranking and put you in the running for that province or state’s PCS. So hopefully that clears up any questions anyone might have regarding our 1st Manitoba PCS coming up in February 2018 (different from the Manitoba Pinball League playoffs which will be held in December 2017). If after reading this and it still doesn’t make sense, please don’t hesitate to email me so I can discuss further with you.

Thanks Dave