IFPA points and Manitoba PCS (Provincial Championship Series)

Hello and good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I chatted with the Canadian representative from the IFPA and he clarified some questions I had for us in Manitoba about collecting IFPA points. I asked the question if one or more of us were to travel to Minnesota or Saskatchewan or Alberta or wherever and participate in a IFPA tournament would those points go towards your Manitoba PCS (Provincial Championship Series) top 16 WPPR total. That answer was no and that makes sense. So only IFPA points collected in Manitoba will go towards the top 16 PCS the Saturday following Super Bowl next year in 2018. However any IFPA points collected out of province will indeed improve your overall ranking and put you in the running for that province or state’s PCS. So hopefully that clears up any questions anyone might have regarding our 1st Manitoba PCS coming up in February 2018 (different from the Manitoba Pinball League playoffs which will be held in December 2017). If after reading this and it still doesn’t make sense, please don’t hesitate to email me so I can discuss further with you.

Thanks Dave

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