Lightning Arcade Grand Reopening ( Dave’s private collection)

Lightning Arcade Grand Reopening
Double Elimination Bracket
Bracket Placement: Seeded
Arena Draws: Balanced

21 Players
40 Matches

1 Derek Willis
2 Mark Jaslowski
3 Jeff Jonuk
4 Spencer Zurek
5 Garth Babisky
5 Marcel Toutant
7 Daryl Gibbons
7 Edwin Amsler
9 Franca Cancilla
9 Grant Zeilstra
9 Joe Furgal
9 Jeff Christie
13 David Miller
13 Thor Robinson
13 Kevin Peden
13 Jason Krutish
17 Jon Feschuk
17 Alex Parrott
17 Henry Leung
17 Craig Morris
17 Darren Cancilla

Most Wins (Over All)
Derek Willis (6)

Most Wins (Elimination Bracket)
Garth Babisky (4)
Marcel Toutant (4)

Mark (2nd place) and  Derek (1st place)

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