Season One Session Five League Night – June 15 2017

MPL League Night

Everyone is focused

Our League Night out at Winnipeg Beach at Boardwalk Boardwalk Street Station was a great time. Looks like everyone who came out would be happy to return for another round.

MPL At Winnipeg Beach

Joe thinking about how best to score on Twister




We had 22 people attend and we had 12 pins that we could switch around on. All the pins were in great shape and a joy to play.

League Night WPG Beach

League Night at Winnipeg Beach June 15 2017

After we were done, and sometimes while waiting for our turn, we also played some of the great arcade games that were there. Definitely would recommend making the trip out with the family or just to yourself to enjoy a great experience.

MPL Race

A friendly 4 player race.

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