Boardwalk Station Arcade Knockout Spectacular

Hey Folks,

Just want to remind you guys of the upcoming tournament at Winnipeg Beach this Saturday July 15th. All the details are on the Events Calendar.

We also have the link for the event. As it goes live you can see who is playing who on what machine and how many strikes they have. This is also handy for the participants at the venue so they can also see where they stand.

We are using Matchplay, and its been doing a great job for us keeping our tournaments flowing smoothly.   <- if you would rather type it in yourself

We have a SPONSOR!!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Paulo from





He would like to offer a 15% discount if you order online and use the code “MPL“. Also upcoming events we should have a few giftcards as well for the winners. We just have to work out a few details.

Thanks again Paulo for supporting us!