Venue Name Change

You might have already noticed but wanted to share that Flipping Out @ The Forks has been renamed to Phantom Amusement. It is still the same great place to play pinball and arcade games. Phantom Amusement has name recognition from people who remember the arcade in Kildonan Place Mall. Event location has already been changed in the pinballmap.

League & IFPA Points – Updated

The most recent 2 tournaments, along with the June league nights, have all been posted. With June almost over, we are now at the halfway point of 2019. Here’s how things are shaping up heading into July…

Rick E now has a 4 point lead over Garth in the league standings after a great showing by Garth at the last league night. 16th belongs to Jody who is in a very tight race with Ed Z, Dave W, & Darren C.

Jill has a huge 26 point lead over Jody in the women’s league, who in turn has a huge 29 point lead over Samara. Will anyone crack the top 3 anytime soon? Nicole R holds the 16th spot, 3 points over Franca C.

And in the IFPA Manitoba standings, current champ Jay, having won the most recent tournament, now has a big 17 point lead over Drew, Jeff, & Marcel, who themselves are separated by a mere 0.56 points. Jody L holds down the 16th spot with a 0.36 point lead over Ian G.

View league standings by clicking the applicable link above, or view IFPA Manitoba standings here:

Women’s League S0206 & Forks Tournament – Results

The women came out to Phantom Amusements @ the Forks for their monthly league date plus a tournament afterwards.

In the women’s league, Tammy K lead the way in points today. But Jill H continues to add to her big lead! Will anyone be able to catch Jill?

And in the tournament, Jill dominated & nearly posted a shutout! But Jody L had other ideas & handed Jill her only strike of the tournament in Total Nuclear Annihilation before Jill finished with a win in Deadpool. Congratulations Jill on your 1st women’s tournament win! Jill took home $20 + a Transformers translite, meanwhile Jody took home $10 for 2nd place. 3rd place belonged to Tammy K. Congrats to all!

Red River Cup Qualification Tournament – Results

A brand new AC/DC translite, IFPA points, & most importantly, 8 spots in the 2019 Red River Cup tournament on July 20th were on the line. Congratulations to the top 8 who will represent Manitoba:

  1. Jay W
  2. Trevor W
  3. Marcel T
  4. Garth B
  5. Jeff J
  6. Lance W
  7. Ryan R
  8. Wade K

  9. Derek W
  10. David Morris
  11. Rick E
  12. Jody L

Good luck to all 8 against North Dakota in the Red River Cup!!!

The road to the top 3 was hard-fought. The final 5 match on Iron Maiden between Trevor, Jay, & Garth involved scores ranging from a low of about 170 million to over 400 million for Trevor!!!!! And for the first time ever, Jay & Trevor made it to the final 2 with Jay winning on Hook having earned only 1 strike in the tournament.

Red River Cup 2019 Qualification @ The Forks
Red River Cup Top 3 Qualifiers – Jay W, Marcel T, Trevor W
Red River Cup Qualification 1st place prize – AC/DC translite

Manitoba Pinball League Night S0306 Results

Another great league night has come & gone at the premier public pinball showcase in Manitoba – Phantom Amusements @ The Forks. 35 people showed up including about 5 new faces. And Drew came out on top with a near-perfect 38 points! Trevor & Lance followed very closely behind. And the race for 1st has tightened. Results to be posted shortly at the League Standings link. You can see the round-by-round results here:

Pinball Map app update

Do you like to travel and look for machines in the area you are in? The Pinball Map app shows you where the nearest machines are. Recently it went through an update to make it easier to use. Before when you if wanted to check a city you had to manual change the region and select the city you wanted to lookup. Now you just have to type in a city and it will show places to play on a map. You can then tap on a location to see what machines they have or click on the list to see the list of places to play in the area. locations are updated based on user feedback you can add machines to a location or comment on the quality of a machine.

Want to see a demo of the new design check out

It’s a busy week of pinball!

This week features league nights for both the regular & women’s leagues, along with tournaments for both including the Red River Cup qualifier. All happening at the Forks.

First up is league night on Thursday. Rick E leads the pack, but Garth B & Jay W are close behind. And at the 16th & final qualifying spot for the league playoffs later this year, Trevor W currently holds that spot with the Cancillas right on his tail. Click on League Standings above to see all the current point totals.