August Knockout At The Forks – Results

This was a night of storylines. Congratulations to Drew S who needed & got 3 wins in a row to take the top spot in tonight’s tournament! Drew becomes only the 2nd player to win multiple IFPA Manitoba 2019 tournaments to date, & may be the 1st to come back with 3 must-wins in a row in the final 2 of a Manitoba Pinball strike tournament.

Lance W took 2nd place after starting the tournament with 9 wins in a row.

And in a repeat of a tournament that took place exactly 1 year ago less a day, Jay W & Samara M again faced off for 3rd place, with Jay winning. Jay was nearly eliminated out of the top 10 in round 6 but after scoring just 4 million on GOTG in the 1st 2 balls, he then got 100 million on ball 3 to stay alive. Samara took 2 early strikes in the 1st 3 rounds & then rattled off 5 wins in a row to make the final 4.

Next up – Jurassic Park Launch Party on Saturday September 14th @ 4pm.

Samara M, Jay W, Lance W, Drew S
Front row L to R: Lance W (2nd), Drew S (1st), Jay W (3rd), Garth B (T-5th).
Back row L to R: Samara M (4th), Michael C (T-5th), Jody L (T-5th), Dan F (T-5th).

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