Pinball Learning Session Update

There were several responses to the Pinball Learning Session form. Thank you for all helping out. 14 responses were recorded the results are:

What skills and techniques would you like to learn about?


Aiming better shots, saving the ball better, etc

Bonus shots

How to get the big points

All the things I don’t even know I don’t know!



I am way out of practice on just about everything!

How to beat you

General play and control

What machines do you want to learn about?

Solid state

Any of the newer ones! Iron maiden especially

Anyone in the arcade


All of them actually but particularly The Addam’s Family

New ones

All of them

My favourite machines to play are the vintage ones from the 60’s – early 70’s. The new machines look overwhelming and when I have tried them I can never seem to get the ball flipped back into play.


Based on the feedback people would be interested in learning about machines and techniques. Repairs would be a different session but it is something Manitoba Pinball would like to do. Once the details are figured out we will let everyone know. In the meantime if you are looking for a more casual learning experience or just want to come out and play email Jay W. at Jay is always looking to play more pinball. If you would like more information about the learning sessions email me at

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