House Keeping notes and Tips

We are always looking at how to improve things with the site and event information.

One thing we are testing out is a new way of posting the Events. Currently there is a new page with Trial Calendar and its using Google Calendars. There is a link on the page to add this calendar to either iCal or Google Calendar so you have the most current version active at all time on your end.

We have also added a Code of Conduct to the site which is your IFPA rules with a few extra additions as well. Please take a moment to read it.

We are also setting up a email so that if you have issues / concerns at an event and would prefer to email us we can help you from there.

And lastly some people have an issue clicking on a link on your smart device, if you have auto rotate active, pivot the device into landscape and you should be able to click your link, again a code issue. Will also mention on the trial calendar page in landscape you get a little blurb added to the date box as there is a bit more room to populate it.

2020 Manitoba Pinball Provincial Championship Series – Results

Another PCS day has come & gone. We celebrated birthdays, we ate some wonderful food, & we of course played some friendly, yet competitive pinball in order to crown a Manitoba champion.

Congratulations to Drew S who captured the 2020 IFPA Manitoba PCS title! Drew went 4-0, 4-2, 4-3, & 4-0 en route to the championship. Drew defeated defending champion Jay W, who took 2nd place & the silver plaque. 3rd place & the bronze plaque went to Ian G who defeated Garth B in the bronze match.

Happy birthday to Grant, who celebrated his birthday on PCS day! And Happy birthday to Marcel who will be celebrating on Tuesday!

A big thank you to Mark of Phantom Amusement & his wife who graciously hosted us for the 2020 IFPA Manitoba Provincial Championship Series in their brand new house.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!! Full placement results below:

1. Drew S
2. Jay W
3. Ian G
4. Garth B
5. Lance W
6. Rick E
7. Jeff J
8. Marcel T
9. David Morris
10. Jill H
11. Samara M
12. Grant Z
13. Spencer Z
14. David Miller
15. Derek W
16. Jody L

League Nights for 2020

In order to help plan for the league nights we have the dates for the open league and woman’s league. Some locations are still to be determined.

Open League dates:

Thursday January 30 – The Forks

Thursday February 27 – The Forks

Saturday March 14 – AMCC

Thursday April 9 –

Thursday May 7 –

Thursday June 11 –

Thursday July 23 –

Thursday August 20 –

Sunday September 20 – Winnipeg Beach

Friday October 30  – (SUPER League Night)

League championship – Saturday November 14

Women’s League Dates:

Monday January 27 – The Forks

Monday February 24 –

Monday March 16 –

Monday April 13 –

Monday May 11 –

Monday June 22 –

Monday July 20 –

Monday August 31 –

Sunday September 20 – Winnipeg Beach

Monday October 26 –

2020 IFPA Provincial Championship Series (PCS)

Manitoba Pinball players have been battling in IFPA provincial tournaments all year long to secure a spot in the top 16 to qualify for the IFPA Provincial Championship Series (PCS). 

The PCS tournament is a best of 7, single elimination match play and the winner gets the opportunity to represent Manitoba at the North America Championship held March 5th in Denver, Colorado.

Congratulations to the top 16 and good luck in the tournament.

Saturday January 18th @ 2PM at Phantom Amusement Private Collection.

*Note: Although the bracket doesn’t show it, there will be single elimination matches on the B side for positions 5-16. The battle for 3rd will be a best of 3. All A side matches are best of 7.

Winter Selfie Challenge Score Update

Current standings for the Winter Selfie Challenge

1Jay Woolston890
3Alain Leclerc90
David Morris90

Jay is the first to complete all 9 games. I have been submitting scores to Jay in case anyone wants to verify my scores. The contest closes February 10 at 11:59pm. Submit one score to in order to be in the random draw for a $25 gift card. Head over to if you want to see the current scores for each machine.

Manitoba Pinball Events

Dates for new Manitoba Pinball events will be announced in the coming days.

In the meantime, the Winter Selfie Challenge continues. You still have over a month to get down to Phantom Amusement @ The Forks, Half Pints, & the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club & rack up some scores. You choose the entry fee – 100% will go to the camera streaming equipment project! Send selfie score pictures to – make sure to read the complete details on the event page:

Remember – if you submit even just 1 score, you will be entered into the random draw for a $25 gift card of your choice!

All 3 of the above pinball arcades are now open at their regular hours. See you there!

CBC TV Pinball Interview with Jay – TONIGHT!

TONIGHT, watch the CBC local news at 6pm, as I (Jay) will be shown on a segment called Eye On Manitoba which will probably air around 635pm. We went to the Good Will Social Club this afternoon & talked about pinball, my journey winning the PCS, how to play, & more.

CBWT (CBC Winnipeg) on cable, or watch from the CBC Manitoba Facebook page.