The 11th Annual Pinhead Cup Weekend Results

The 11th Annual Pinhead Cup took place over the weekend of Friday November 11th to Sunday November 13th. This was the 1st ever weekend-long MPL tournament series, encompassing 4 tournaments – the Friday night beat the clock pre-tournament, Saturday night progressive strike tournament, Sunday morning beat the clock side tournament, & the main Pinhead Cup with a 12-round qualifying matchplay on Saturday morning & the finals for the top 16 on Sunday morning. At least 10 players came in from out of town to play, including Calgary, Regina, & Fargo.

We kicked off the Pinhead Cup weekend with a Friday night Beat The Clock pre-tournament at Phantom Amusement. Congratulations to Jay W ? on a 1st place ? performance! Also congrats to Drew S on 2nd ?, Jack T on 3rd ?, & Shaun A who came in from Regina SK & placed 4th ?

On Saturday morning bright & early, the Pinhead Cup main event qualifying tournament began @ Sych Drywall. Congratulations to Jack T who dominated & took 1st place by 14 points! The top 4 was rounded out by Drew S, Jay W, & Grant Z. They earned 1st choice of game or position in the 1st round of the playoffs on Sunday.


After the Pinhead Cup qualifier, everyone headed over to The Forks to play in event #2 which was a 10-strike progressive strike side tournament. Congratulations to Drew S ? on a remarkable comeback, finishing with 6 straight 1st place rounds to win with 8 strikes! ? And also congrats to Shaun A from Regina SK in 2nd ?, Bob R also from Regina SK in 3rd ?, & John B who had his 1st ever podium finish in 4th! ?

On Sunday morning, we gathered again bright & early at Sych Drywall, & had a Beat The Clock side tournament. Congratulations to Bob R from Regina SK on his 1st IFPA Manitoba win in a super close, hard-fought battle! ? Congrats to Dave C finishing right behind Bob in 2nd ?, Brennon P from Regina taking 3rd ?, & Shaun R from Regina taking 4th place ?

On Sunday morning, we also held the playoffs for the 2022 Pinhead Cup. It was a very closely fought affair, right down to the final game.

Congratulations to Drew S on his 1st Pinhead Cup championship! ? He defeated 2-time defending Pinhead Cup champ Jay W, who took 2nd place ?, & then David Morris took 3rd place ? in a tiebreaker over Jill H who took 4th place ?. Finishing 5th was John K all the way from Calgary AB, 6th was Jeff Jonuk, 7th was Matt W from Regina SK, & 8th was Derek W.

Congrats to all of the winners this weekend! The Manitoba Pinball League would like to thank everyone for coming out to the 11th annual & 1st ever weekend-long Pinhead Cup tournament, & we extend a special thank you to everyone who came from out of province including Regina, Calgary, & Fargo ND. And thank you to the Sych family & Phantom Amusement for hosting this year’s events.

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