MPL Major Tournament The 12th Annual Pinhead Cup

We are Proud to announce the MPL’s First Time Flexible Card Based tournament weekend.

November 10th (10am-10pm), 11th (1pm-9pm) and 12th (finals) @ THE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF DAVE MORRIS!

A-side (top 50%) and B-side (top 8 after A-Cut line) Qualifying Prizes for both Divisions

???? Why You Can’t Miss It:

✅Flexible Gameplay: Enjoy a whopping 20 hours of pinball excitement! The best part? You have the freedom to drop in anytime during these 20 hours. Play one card (5 thrilling pinball games), stay for a few hours and play multiple cards, or immerse yourself for the entire 20 hours – the choice is yours! ????️????

✅ Open to All: Pinhead Cup welcomes players of all levels!

✅ Exciting Card-Based Qualifying: Purchase as many cards as you like during open qualifying. Rack up points with your best scores on multiple machines and secure your spot in the intense match play final rounds! ????????

???? How It Works:

???? Card-Based Qualifying: Attempt to qualify for finals with as many cards (5 consecutive games) as you desire.

???? Point System: Your best score on each machine earns points based on its rank.

???? Match Play Finals: The highest-ranking card holders battle it out in the electrifying match play final rounds. Only the best will emerge victorious! ????

Pictures in post to show example of a Card and the Cut line

For more information See link

The Pinhead Cup consists of open card-based qualifying and match play final rounds and is open to all players attending the event. During open qualifying, each player may purchase as many cards as they like to attempt to qualify for the final rounds. A point system is used to rank each player’s score on each machine. Those who possess the highest ranking card (5 consecutive games on one card) at the end of qualifying will participate in the match play final rounds.

Each player’s best score on a machine will receive a point value based on its rank compared to all other recorded scores. The #1 score earns 100 points, #2 score earns 97 points, #3 score earns 95 points and #4 and beyond earn one less point per position, i.e. 94 points down through 1 point. A player’s overall score for a card is the sum of five ranked machine scores

The Pinhead Cup will contain multiple games to choose from and cards will consist of 5 consecutive machines.

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