MPL Open league Season 6 Starting soon!!!!!

League starts Wednesday January 24th, 2024. It will once again cost $3 per session plus coin drop. And new this year we’re doing multiple leagues per year. The first session will be every two weeks. The League will consist of 6 total League Nights followed by a League Final Playoff to determine a winner. Each player’s top 4 League Nights will count toward the qualifying standings to determine who will move onto the League Finals. Only players that participate in at least 3 League Nights will be counted as league members for qualifying and IFPA WPPR value purposes.

League Nights:
League nights will be held bi-weekly and will consist of 6 total games played in 4 player groups. Match points will be awarded based on a player’s finishing position on each game they play (7/5/3/1). Players will be placed in new groups after each game.

League Finals:
A League Final Playoff will be held to determine the winner of the league after all 6 league nights have been completed. The format for this playoff will be a best-of-5, head-to-head single elimination bracket. The number of players that qualify will be based on the number of total League Members. If more than 24 players participate, the top 12 players will qualify with the top 4 qualifiers receiving a bye into the 2nd round, otherwise the top 50% of players (rounded down) will qualify

League nights will be every 2 weeks

  • 7pm, Wednesday January 24th @ Phantom Amusement
  • 7pm Saturday February 10th @ Phantom Amusement
  • 7pm, Wednesday February 21st @ Phantom Amusement
  • 7pm, Saturday March 9th @ Phantom Amusement
  • 7pm, Wednesday March 20th @ Phantom Amusement
  • 7pm, Wednesday April 3rd @ Phantom Amusement

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