The Manitoba Pinball League

The Manitoba Pinball League (MPL) was started in 2017 by David Morris. David, being a pinball collector for over 8 years, felt the scene in Winnipeg needed to grow out of collectors basements and into the public. He took on this task by organizing Winnipeg’s first ever public pinball tournament in 2017 at The Good Will Social Club with the help of a local pinball operator. The tournament was a success with over 50 participants entering to play on 15 pinball machines. This success and new found pinball interest carried over and the Manitoba Pinball League was born.

The MPL Open and Women’s League play out of various venues around Winnipeg (see Events and Pinball Map for locations). The leagues are $2.00 per event to enter plus coin drop, and run once a month for 10 months. Each league night sees participants play 8 matches with 4 different players and scores are tallied from 1st to 4th per match. Participants monthly scores, best 8 out of 10, are tallied and the top 16 play in a tournament to crown a MPL Grand Champion.

The MPL also hosts 2 IFPA sanctioned tournaments per month. The format for these tournaments vary (see Events for tournament information) and the top 16 players at the end of the year qualify for the IFPA Provincial Championship (PCS). The winner of the PCS has the opportunity to represent Manitoba in the North American Championship held annually in Las Vegas.

The MPL is open to all ages (some locations may be 18+), skill levels and is about having fun and meeting new people who like to play pinball.

Manitoba Pinball League Code of Conduct

[pdf-embedder url=”https://manitobapinball.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Manitoba-Pinball-League-Code-Of-Conduct.pdf” title=”Manitoba Pinball League – Code Of Conduct”]

This may not look correct on a smaller device, so you are welcome to download it and if we have extra copies onsite, we can provide you with a printed version to look at.

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