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Cost of League Events

The cost of league night events will be $3 in 2023. What does the entrance fee go to?

  • $1 goes towards IFPA for each sanctioned event
  • $2 goes towards Manitoba Pinball League fund

Currently the only sanctioned event for league is the open league. For non sanctioned events the $3 will be going to the Manitoba Pinball League.

In the past the league has bought trophy plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the finals of each league.  We have also boosted the prizes of some events with the money coming in. In the future money will be going towards pizza during events. There is also a plan to have some random door prize draws, so you have a chance to win something by showing up.


Pinhead Cup Weekend November 11 to November 13

For the first time ever the Manitoba Pinball League will be holding a weekend of pinball tournaments with the 11th annual Pinhead Cup as the main event.  The events will take place at two locations. 

Sych Drywall 8 Don Valley Pkwy Springfield MB

Phantom Amusement 1 Forks Market Rd Winnipeg MB

The Pinhead Cup Weekend kicks off with an optional IFPA ranked Friday night Timed Tournament @ Phantom Amusements 

$65 fee will get you entry into 3 tournaments – The Pinhead Cup Qualifier, Saturday Night 10 Strike Tournament and The Pinball Cup Finals or Sunday Matchplay Beat the Clock. $5 will go towards facility costs and $5 will go towards a random draw.

With 40+ people over $2,200 in Prize money Possible $200 in random Prize Draw 

To register for the weekend you can pay at the door before 9am November 12 at Sync Drywall. If you want to register early send an e-transfer to dave@manitobapinball.com please include your name in the transfer.


Friday November 11th @ Phantom Amusement 6PM 3hr beat the clock Kick-off Tournament ($10 separate entry fee from tournament fee) plus coin drop

Saturday @ Sych Drywall 8AM – Doors Open Practice Starts

Saturday @ Sych Drywall 9AM – 1PM Pinhead Cup Main Event Qualifier ($35 from tournament fees)

Lunch Break

Saturday @ Phantom Amusement 3pm – 10pm 10 Strike progressive strike ($10 Cost from tournament fees)  Coin drop required

Sunday @ Sych Drywall 8AM– Doors Open Practice Starts

Sunday @ Sych Drywall – Certified Main Event Finals start 1ST-16TH Start ($35 paid from qualifier)

Sunday @ Sych Drywall 9AM –1pm Matchplay beat the clock For players not in main Playoffs ($10 paid from Tournament Fees)

Prize Breakdown

Plaques or trophies for top 4 in each tournament

Cash Prizes for top 8 Main Event Final, prize amount is based on number of players and tournament fee for tournament.

Cash Prizes for top 4 in 10 Strike Knockout, prize amount is based on number of players and tournament fee for tournaments.

Cash Prizes for top 4 in Matchplay Beat the Clock, prize amount is based on number of players and tournament fee for tournaments.

Certified Tournaments with $35 Tournament Fee Paid Out

Main Cash Prizes % for 1st-8th

1st 40%

2nd 20%

3rd 12%

4th 8%

5th-8th 5% each

*Main Example Assuming 40 players $1,400 pot — actual payouts will be more or less depending on number of players

1st $560

2nd $280

3rd $168

4th $112

5th-8th $70 each

2 Tournaments with $10 Tournament Fee Paid Out

Cash Prizes for 1st-4th

1st 40%

2nd 25%

3rd 20%

4th 15%

*Example Assuming 40 players $400 pot — actual payouts will be more or less depending on number of players

1st $160

2nd $100

3rd $80

4th $60


New T-shirts

The Manitoba Pinball League has a new t-shirt design. A sample of the shirt has been included below. The shirt will come in 3 colours black, navy and sport grey.

Sizes available:

Black S to 3XL

Sport Grey S to 4XL

Navy S to 5XL

If you would like to order a shirt please reach out to a Manitoba Pinball League Staff at events with the number you want plus size and colour.  You can also send me an email at Mr.Miller@manitobapinball.com.

Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Free Entry Into Events

The Manitoba Pinball League is offering a way to get into events we host for free.  All you have to do is bring someone new to an event. There is no limit on the cost of the events, Manitoba Pinball League will pay your entry when you bring someone new. This will go on for the summer at least. We will update everyone when the incentive is over.


Positive Covid-19 Test at events

We just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that multiple people have tested positive for Covid-19 throughout the day today. We’ve had 3 events this past week. We suggest monitoring yourself for symptoms and to perform a rapid test to make sure you’re o.k. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and hope everyone is o.k.

Return of League Nights

The Manitoba Pinball League is bringing back league nights in February. Event dates are:

February 18 7:00pm Casual League

February 26 6:00pm Open League

February 28 7:00pm Women’s League

Details of events can be found in the events calendar. Future events will be posted on Facebook and in the events calendar.