Casual League Standings

This is a new league to introduce pinball to new people!

Only people with an IFPA rank of 4000 or lower will be able to participate.

We will play 6 pinball machines and pair groups into 4 or 3 where 4 isn’t possible. Players will get 5 points for finishing 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for 4th. At the end of the night we add up the scores and add it to our Casual League Standings. In this League it’s all about helping each other play and learn the rules and just casually play and enjoy pinball. We will play 10 league sessions ( 1 a month for 10 consecutive months and then in December have a playoffs). You will need a minimum of $8.00 for machine coin drop plus the $2.00 fee for administration.

Also please note that these events will not count towards your IFPA ranking.

Here is a link to the Spreadsheet if you wish to view it in a larger format. It is set to view only.

**If there are errors with misspelling on names or you think your totals might be incorrect please let us know.

***Point scoring is as follows: Group of 4 Players – 5/3/2/1 Group of 3 Players – 5/3/1