October Events

The September tournaments went well and it is time to announce events for October. We are staying with the matchplay format 8 games for the Women’s tournament and 6 for the Open tournament. The only change is the Open Tournament has an entrance fee of $5.

In order to play masks must be worn and proof of vaccination is required.

Open Tournament

Wednesday October 20

7pm start time

$5 entrance fee

Women’s Tournament

Monday October 25

7pm start time

$2 entrance fee

Details on the Tournaments

The Manitoba Pinball League has settled on the details of the Women’s and Open Tournament. The format will be similar to league nights with a few changes. The scoring will be 4,3,2,1 and it will be swiss rounds. In swiss the first round is random, then you will be paired up based on total points in the following rounds. After all the rounds are completed the highest point total is the winner. Ties are broken by most 1st and 2nd place finishes.

September 27  MPL Women’s Welcome Back Tournament

7pm start time

8 rounds of swiss

$2 entrance fee

September 29 MLP Welcome Back Tournament

7pm start time

6 rounds of swiss

$2 entrance fee

Events Are Back

February 29.2020 was the last tournament that took place before everything had to shutdown. Since there are no current restrictions on capacity, Manitoba Pinball League is proud to announce events are coming back.

September 27 will be a women’s tournament and September 29 will be an open tournament. These will be casual tournaments with no IFPA points on the line and no entrance fee. Time and style of tournament is still being discussed. More information will be posted on the website and Facebook when details are finalized. We have some interesting ideas for new tournament formats and will be trying them out later in the year. League nights might start back up in 2022. If there is interest we can look into running a smaller fall and winter league.

To assist us with running events, we encourage people not to show up if they are not feeling well. Events at locations open to the public need to follow current health guidelines from the government of Manitoba.  The guidelines include wearing a mask and showing proof of vaccination.


Arcades can open on March 5

Good news due to the new regulations from the government of Manitoba arcades can open on March 5. The capacity is only 25 percent at this time. Until the capacity limit changes leagues and tournaments will still be on hold. The Manitoba Pinball League might be looking into other ways to have events while social distancing. If anything occurs news will be posted on the website.

For people that do not have machines at home, it will be good to get out to play some pinball. I could not get into virtual pinball, it did not feel the same. I tried pinball machines hooked up to the internet but there was too much lag. Hope to see people out playing pinball at a safe social distance.

Avengers: Infinity Quest First Impressions

Stern released a trailer for the new game designed by Keith Elwin Avengers: Infinity Quest. If you have not seen the trailer you can check it out at Stern’s YouTube. 

Photo of Doctor Strange spinner from sternpinball.com

The game is based on the comic books and not the movies, so if you want The Avengers theme from the movies you will need to supply it yourself. The right ramp is huge allowing it to be hit from any flipper. On the left is a Doctor Strange spinner that reminds me of Safecracker.  The spinner can determine direction and speed which might require trying to keep hitting it one way.  With the premium and limited edition it opens up allowing a ball to go                                                                                             under the playfield.

Captain Marvel inverse gravity ramp. From strenpinball.com

On the premium and limited edition there is a vertical loop. Not sure how hard it will be to send a ball up it.

It’s hard to judge machines without seeing them played. Gameplay reveal of the premium is September 9 at 5pm CDT on Deadflip’s twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/deadflip. The pro model will be on revealed September 11 at 3pm CDT on the Marvel’s twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/marvel. After the streams will share my thoughts on the game.

Phantom Amusement Is Open

If you have missed going out to play pinball for the last couple of months some good news. Phantom Amusement will be open on June 21 at noon. They will be under reduced hours stay tuned for more information.

There is a hand sanitizer at the entrance and a marked walkway through the arcade. Due to social distance rules only one player per game. Unless you live in the same household. If a game is in use the games next to the machine will not be allowed to be played. The current limit is 15 people inside Phantom Amusement.

IFPA has not opened sanctioning of events so league and tournaments will still be unavailable at this time.

Special announcement video from Phantom Amusement.  If you are on Facebook Phantom Amusement has a group page.