2020 Manitoba Pinball Provincial Championship Series – Results

Another PCS day has come & gone. We celebrated birthdays, we ate some wonderful food, & we of course played some friendly, yet competitive pinball in order to crown a Manitoba champion.

Congratulations to Drew S who captured the 2020 IFPA Manitoba PCS title! Drew went 4-0, 4-2, 4-3, & 4-0 en route to the championship. Drew defeated defending champion Jay W, who took 2nd place & the silver plaque. 3rd place & the bronze plaque went to Ian G who defeated Garth B in the bronze match.

Happy birthday to Grant, who celebrated his birthday on PCS day! And Happy birthday to Marcel who will be celebrating on Tuesday!

A big thank you to Mark of Phantom Amusement & his wife who graciously hosted us for the 2020 IFPA Manitoba Provincial Championship Series in their brand new house.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!! Full placement results below:

1. Drew S
2. Jay W
3. Ian G
4. Garth B
5. Lance W
6. Rick E
7. Jeff J
8. Marcel T
9. David Morris
10. Jill H
11. Samara M
12. Grant Z
13. Spencer Z
14. David Miller
15. Derek W
16. Jody L

2020 IFPA Provincial Championship Series (PCS)

Manitoba Pinball players have been battling in IFPA provincial tournaments all year long to secure a spot in the top 16 to qualify for the IFPA Provincial Championship Series (PCS). 

The PCS tournament is a best of 7, single elimination match play and the winner gets the opportunity to represent Manitoba at the North America Championship held March 5th in Denver, Colorado.

Congratulations to the top 16 and good luck in the tournament.

Saturday January 18th @ 2PM at Phantom Amusement Private Collection.

*Note: Although the bracket doesn’t show it, there will be single elimination matches on the B side for positions 5-16. The battle for 3rd will be a best of 3. All A side matches are best of 7.

Save the Date – NACS Day: January 18th, 2020

The IFPA has announced several dates for the upcoming PCS & state championships as well as the NACS. All provincial & state championships will be held on January 18th, 2020. Pinball players may represent any state or province they qualify for, but they cannot represent more than 1 region. The top 16 IFPA point-getters in Manitoba will compete for the provincial title & the right to hoist the “Toutant Cup” (my name for the cup that Marcel donated as the IFPA Manitoba championship trophy).

The NACS will be held on Thursday March 5th, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. All provincial & state winners will (on their own dime) have the opportunity to go to Denver & represent the region they won. If the winner of a province or state cannot go, the 2nd place finisher will have the opportunity to go. The women’s world championship will take place at the same time.

One thing I was unaware of due to my new-ness to competitive pinball was that after the NACS, there is another tournament taking place starting right the day after & continuing through the weekend called the Pin-Masters World Pin-Golf Championships. All reps in the NACS will have a spot reserved for them at the Pin-Masters if they wish to participate.

All of the events in Denver will happen at Game Exchange of Colorado.