Pinball Interview – January 2 On CBC Radio

I (Jay) will be interviewed about my pinball journey & discovery of the Manitoba Pinball League along with winning the 2019 PCS & going to Vegas for the NACS, live on the radio!

Tune in Thursday January 2nd (tomorrow morning), to CBC Radio One at 7:40 AM CST. Tune into 89.3 FM or 990 AM in or near Winnipeg. Or on the web at:

This happened as a result of a Facebook post yesterday where CBC asked “What was the top (personal) story in your life this year?” They read my comment on the radio too, which you can read below, or listen to this audio clip:¬if_id=1577799879107761¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic&__xts__[0]=68.ARBburNnCr0jER8jzTKEEghs8_kQk8mvd15fUnH6UThbZ0JfNqPeQC-N49VikxZJ5xLvYJsRR9Iu8_VClz2BxROLKOFb2dCoi0qpP1bLx47p7iB-ee_ZkauizR6q2HJEdKcUCAazg4XYwf4yCMynKFSBDOpejX2LivkX-nY19iBNkCcjXZaw0ADDmMXxsur3UhKk9JBijTIY4PF6Lo5LLvrhb8HxecDNj1TYChvR_7SMHM_DgzOyvFnyMTqQh7OONNuuEMYl0h0jzy2zqnCEOiHwvivIEih_Wh8CIqf4goaQWdLBjsBUSu2lUez5y9_934gtwFR8k9RGk5n5ofSNHg&__tn__=-UK-R

Vote Now For The Best Of 2018

The 2nd annual TWIPYS will be held live this March at the Texas Pinball Festival. The TWIPYS are awards given out to games released in 2018 in specific categories and to people in the industry, voted on by you, the pinball community. Voting was held over the past month and the winners will be announced live at the festival later next month.

There were so many fantastic machines released this past year and it looks like 2019 is off to a great start with Stern’s release of The Munsters.

I thought it would be interesting to see what MPLers thought, so I put together a Best of 2018 poll for you to have your say.

Voting is anonymous and will be open for a few weeks. Enjoy.

*****VOTE NOW*****