Boardwalk Station Arcade Knockout Spectacular!


We will be having another Pinball Knockout tournament on Saturday July 15th from 12noon-6pm at Boardwalk Street Station Arcade at Winnipeg Beach! The tournament is open to anyone and anyone that wants to participate can play. Players will be randomly paired up into groups of 4 to start. The 1st place and 2nd place player moves on and the 3rd & 4th place player gets a strike. Once you get 6 strikes you’re out! Simple as that. Come on out and check it out. Admission is $10 and can be paid directly to me via cash or EMT to . The pinball machines are on coin play so bring some quarters and loonies. There are 13 Pinball machines there right now but Irv from Allied Coin will be bringing in an extra 7 pinball machines for a total of 20! Will be a summer event not to miss! Also this is our first family friendly event and people of all ages will be eligible to enter. Bring one bring ALL the family! There will be cash prizes as well as other prizes given out at the tournament. For the cash prize it depends on how many people come for the payout. Also ***NEW*** bring two people that have not played in the MPL before and your admission will be free!