Spring Pinball Rumble @ Iceberg Arcade

Spring Pinball Rumble is a tiered-swiss, target matchplay, with playoffs, format tournament @ Sych Drywall (8 Don Valley Parkway, Sunnyside MB)

Doors open at 11am tournament starts at 12 Noon

Dinner Provided

$20 entry or $35 entry for players with an IFPA rank of 1500 or better

Players will be placed into four-player groups (occasionally three-player) to compete on an individual, randomly selected machine. alternating between a Modern era round and a classics round

Points will be awarded based upon performance on that machine (3/2/1/0) and added to a running total for the tournament.

A player qualifies for finals by reaching or passing a target value of 30 points at which point the player no longer competes in the qualification rounds.

Match play will continue until all available finals positions are filled.

Top 12-16 will make it to playoffs depending on attendance

Next 8 will make it to B-side (cannot be ranked 1500 or better to play in B-side)

Substantial ties for qualification will be broken with a 1 game playoff. Position ties will be broken by the number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each of the completed rounds.

Playoffs will then start for A-side and B-side. 3 games per round. 4 player matchplay final with 4/2/1/0 scoring. Top 2 players with the most points at the end of 3 games will move to next round. For final round 4 players on 3 games, final order will be determined by points at the end of 3 games. Tiebreakers will be done on a randomly chosen game. 1st machine is chosen by the highest seed, highest seed then chooses playing position, second seed chooses second, etc. On subsequent games, the person with the lowest score on the previous game gets to choose game/position first. Once a game is chosen, it may not be picked for the remainder of the playoffs

Prize money will be split 50/50 between A-side and B-side

Cash prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th for both A and B sides.

Pinball Pumpkin Spice Side Event (Beat the Clock Tournament)

Sunday October 29th @ Phantom Amusement

10AM Tournament starts

$10 separate entry fee 

This is going to be group match play style with swiss style seeding with 7/5/3/1 scoring. This tournament is going to be based on time and not rounds of play. We will start promptly at 10AM and continue until 2PM. Whatever round we are on when 2PM comes. We will finish that round and that is the end of the tournament. I would guess we will get in between 11-13 rounds of play. 

Positions 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive prizes Only Ties for 1st-3rd place will be broken with a selected EM or Early Solid state game. 1st place would be a significant tie breaker in that whoever wins it also wins the tournament and will be reported to IFPA as a win. Ties for 2nd-3rd are not significant and will only be played to determine who gets the trophy. Ties for 2nd-3rd will still be reported to IFPA as a tie.

Pinball Pumpkin Spice Event 3 10 Strike Progressive Knockout

4PM Tournament Starts or after Main Qualifying Ends

10PM-11PM Estimated Finish Time

You will play in groups of 4 players (3 when necessary), random seeding to start, then swiss style pairing thereafter. 4 player groups get 0/1/2/3 strikes per round (1 game per round), 3 player groups get 0/1/2 strikes per round. Once you receive 10 strikes you’re out of the tournament. Once Eliminated. You can get up to 12 strikes based on this format. If you are eliminated in a round with say 12 strikes (started with 9 and got last so you get 3 strikes added) and someone else finished with 11 strikes in the same round, you will be behind them in the overall standings even though you were eliminated in the same round.

Only ties for 1st through 4th will be broken as necessary for prizes/trophies. But only a tie for 1st is significant and will be reported to IFPA as a true win. All other ties will stand as far as IFPA points are concerned.

Top 4 Trophies/Plaques

Snowfall Shootout: Beat the Clock Pinball Challenge

Beat the Clock Pinball Tournament format, with A-side and B-side Playoff. Group Match Play (7/5/3/1) scoring with Swiss Style Seeding. Tournament length will be based on time and not the number of rounds played. Will run from 7:00pm-9:45pm (no new round will start after 9:45 PM). The last round will be whatever round we are on at 9:45PM and we will complete that round. Ties will be broken based on strength of opponents formula. If still tied after that for a major position, for example tied for 4th or tied for 8th to make B-side, a 1 game playoff will be done on Aladdin’s Castle to determine the winner of the tiebreak.

Finals will then start for A-side (positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) and B-side (positions 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th) .  Best of 3 games. 4 player matchplay final with 4/2/1/0 scoring. 1st machine is chosen by the highest seed, highest then seed chooses playing position, second seed chooses second, etc. on subsequent games, the person with the lowest score on the previous game gets to choose game/position first.

Prize money will be split 50/50 between A-side and B-side

Cash prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for both A and B sides.

Location: Phantom Amusement 1 Forks Market Rd, Winnipeg MB


Pin-Bowling Tournament

Doors open at 6:15 PM.  Tournament starts at 7:00 PM.

Come join us for the first ever Manitoba Pinball League Pin-Bowling tournament!  Rules will be explained at the event.  This is a fun tournament and as such no IFPA points will be awarded.

The 12th Annual Pinhead Cup

MPL Major Tournament The 12th Annual Pinhead Cup 

Participate in our Time-Flexible Pinball Tournament, where you have the freedom to drop in, join and play your cards at any time between 10am and 10pm on November 10th, as well from 1 pm to 9 pm on November 11th

Event held at David Morris’ private collection at 66 Prairie View Road

Games in tournament to be revealed soon

The Pinhead Cup consists of open card-based qualifying and match play final rounds and is open to all players attending the event. During open qualifying, each player may purchase as many cards as they like to attempt to qualify for the final rounds. A point system is used to rank each player’s score on each machine. Those who possess the highest ranking card (5 consecutive games on one card) at the end of qualifying will participate in the match play final rounds.

In the final rounds, qualifying players play against each other in multiplayer games. A point system (3,2,1,0)  is used to determine who advances to the next round and, ultimately, who wins the division.

Qualifying: Friday, November 10th (10am – 10pm)  – Saturday, November 11th (1pm – 9pm)
Format: Unlimited card-based qualifying with 5 games per card.
Finals: Sunday, November 12th @ 9am B-side Start and 10:30AM A-Side Start. Top 50% qualify divisible by 4 to a maximum of 16 players. Pinburgh Scoring (3/2/1/0), 4 games per round. 8 players to Division B playoffs, no byes.
Entry Fees: Initial $10 Door Fee to cover IFPA, MPL and Host Costs and B-side pool. After that $5 for 1 Card (5 games) or $20 for 8 Cards (40 games total, 5 games per Card).

****$3 of every entry goes to the MPL to cover costs and IFPA fees. Also $5 of every package entry goes to the host as a “hosting fee” as a thank you for hosting. It takes a lot of work getting the games ready and a lot of wear and tear on games during events like these. It’s something that will be also used to hopefully entice other people to host events at their private locations in the future

The money from the Card Purchases will go 100% towards the prize pool.

$1 from every $5 card and $4 from every $20 card Purchased will go towards the B-side prize pool

Pinball Pumpkin Spice Event 2 (Main event Playoffs)

8:45AM Doors Open and check in @ Sych Drywall

9AM Finals Start for 1st-16th position

Once the finals start there is no practice allowed on the machines that are in the finals.

Top 16 Players from the Main Event Qualifying will play in the Finals. If someone doesn’t show up, the 17th or next highest person from qualifying will take their place. The format will consist of 3 rounds of 4 game banks. Groupings for the first round will be (1st, 8th, 9th, 16th), (2nd, 7th, 10th, 15th), (3rd, 6th, 11th, 14th) (4th,5th,12th,13th) Games will be played one at a time. High seed in each group will get a choice of Bank and game and Order on the 1st game and they get game pick for the whole playoff. Subsequent games the order choice is reversed with 4th place getting to pick first, then 3rd place next, etc. Scoring will be 3/2/1/0 for each of the 4 games. Top 2 advance bottom 2 are eliminated. Should there be a tie for 2nd/3rd place a 1 game playoff will be played by the 2 affected players. That game will be chosen at random by the TD if needed.

The 8 eliminated players from the 1st round will be ranked 9th-16th according to how many points they accumulated in this round. Ties will not be broken.

In the semifinal Round, the players advancing from the previous round will be reseeded according to their original ranks and divided into four groups as follows.

The 4 eliminated players from this round will be ranked from 5th-8th based on the accumulated points from this round. Ties will not be broken.

The four remaining players advance to the final round. The final round is conducted in the same manner as the Semifinal Round. The total scores for this round will determine the ordering of the winners. All ties in the final round are considered significant and will be broken with a 1 game playoff. The final reporting of points to IFPA will show 1st-4th place with no ties.

Top 4 Trophies/Plaques and Top 8 Cash Prizes