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Hey folks,

On this page we will start adding in some simple tips and links for you. This will include things like:

  • Working on your play-field
  • How to mod your old pin lamps over to LED
  • Tweaking
  • Maintenance
  • Handy tools / apps you may want to get a hold of

Well you get the idea right.. And hey, if you have any handy tips, leave a comment below, we can add them into the page as a permanent feature.

Why won’t this thing start working?

To start with, below is a link to a great app that will let you find Pinball Machines across North America ( even Hawaii ) / Canada so you don’t have to jones out when away from your favorites machines.

Pinball Map  <- From here you can use the website or download the IOS or Android, or even the Pebble app for your device.

IFPA <- If you have been in an IFPA tournament you can check out where you stand with the rest of the world. Also on the League standing page you name will link you to the site as well if you were in one of the League Tournaments that were held.

PinGuy <- A Great free ISO app (wish there was something for Android) to help you level your pin either by having your device on the glass or play-field.

Matchplay <- What we are using for our League games and Matches. Makes life much easier when it comes to managing all that info.


6 thoughts on “Services and Tips

    • Hi Marney,

      It depends what era of game it is and what’s wrong. We don’t have time to do massive repairs but might be able to do a smaller repair depending on the game and what’s wrong.

  1. Hi. I have a pantera machine. Everything works perfectly except one bank of targets (4) will not pop back up after going down. 2 of the four do not register points so I assume the machine thinks they are still up. The CPU was replaced a few years ago. Is there anybody interested in this small repair?

    • There are a lot of things it could be. One that comes to mind is the transistor that controls that solenoid. Might want to check pinwiki for some extra tips.

  2. I really like that you touched on maintenance because that can be tricky to do for people that are new to owning these machines. My brother has a gaming room with a few pinball machines in it. He needs to find a professional to repair his machines though because he can’t figure out how.

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