Women’s League Standings

Top 16 players in the Women’s League Standings qualify for playoffs in November.

Here are the results of the Manitoba Women’s League games for Season 3. You will notice we have a new format this year and it will show you a total score, but also show you your score with the top 8 as we are only using those for your playoff qualifications in December.

If you like to view the Spreadsheet in a larger format follow the link, and the google sheet is set to view only.

If you see an error in your score, or we have spelt your name, please let us know.

*IFPA points from league games are calculated at the end of the year, tournament points are uploaded to IFPA and are generally updated within 2 weeks

**Point scoring is as follows: Group of 4 Players – 5/3/2/1 Group of 3 Players – 5/3/1

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